Welcome. Stay awhile.

It is so nice to be back on the internet once more to share my world with you. From those of you have followed my previous website you may know that I had a blog back them as well. This time around, I am hoping to add more of my own personal flare to things.

For my first post I really think it would be just best to share with you why I am a photographer. I started shooting photographer in high school during my Freshman year. My dad was a very big supporter, and actually bought me first Nikon (Nikon D80 to be exact). Oh, but how far I have came since then. From there I spent most of my time in home school during my dad's cancer battle and going to spend time with a fellow photographer who I mentored under. I spent the next two years learning everything that created J Louise Photography into what I would now call the start of my photography career.

Let's fast forward to 2013 where I really started to push my business and started moving towards doing this consistently. After having my first daughter Emilia, I decided that I would come back to the world of photography and just fiddle with it once again. Pushing back and fourth from it I knew that I had missed what I had started created so many years ago. What once started as a passion then became a career as I started booking weddings consistently. Then I decided well then, I love what I do and I love capturing all of these beautiful moments so I will keep going. I was working two jobs at once, and still do. I do this for the passion of the art, and for the love of the people I have met along this beautiful journey.

So now photography and I will be dancing forever until I cannot take a single step no more.