Your vibe, your tribe.

Bringing a baby into this world is a lot: work, emotions, planning, stress, and a bit of everything. I get it. I have been there twice before, and completely relate. But why do a newborn session? This moment passes so quick, and you do not even realize that first month has passed until it's gone. Your baby is still figuring out what is going on around them, and their happiest place is in your arms. So why not capture that? I love this about lifestyle newborn sessions. You are not only focusing on your newest member of the family, but the family as a whole. Those moments are so precious especially if you have other little ones. They will only be that little for so long too and one day you are going to look back and reminisce on how little they were.

It's the little things.

As many of you may have guessed I have been capturing newborn sessions for seventeen years to date. It's been such an awesome experience to watch each baby grow like a little wildflower. But with this experience I have received many questions about how a newborn lifestyle session is different from a traditional newborn session. And here are some big differences that I would like to cover.

Traditional newborn sessions are about the baby, and lifestyle newborn sessions are about the whole family.

With that being said, it's really up to you if you would like being apart of the session. In my experience, babies that are more fussy do much better in a lifestyle newborn setting. The session takes less time than a traditional session which I have spent 2+ hours capturing because babies get wet, hungry, and just plain sick of you messing with them. I get it. I am not their mommy, and I do not smell like their familiar place of comfort. However, there are other babies that could care less what you are doing with them. So the best way to plan a traditional session would be to schedule your session the first week the baby is born. Yes, I am available weekdays and evenings. I am here to make sure it always works for everyone.

Can we do both? Absolutely, if the baby will allow us to.

As much as we hate to admit it, the baby is the boss. The baby is going to tell us what they want. So here are a couple pointers to have a successful session. One. If the outside is cold, make sure your house is warm. I always recommend having the thermostat set at 72 degrees. Don't open any windows, as much as we are sweating the baby is loving it. Two. Make sure baby has lots of milk before I arrive and a clean diaper. A fed and dry nappy baby is a happy baby. Milk drunk is always the best because they are flexible when it comes to photos. Three. Let's make sure to have a game plan before I arrive. Where ever we are shooting, make sure it is clean and that all clutter is removed. You should have any details that you want to add for the baby's photos right next to where we are shooting. I need room to set up my mobile studio in your home, if we are doing photos of the baby alone. So just make sure there is enough space for me to work with. How much space? I would say I can fit my setup on a queen bed. So if you are not sure, ask. I am always happy to help. If you want to use your bedroom, make sure the bed is made and there are many pillows to hold yourselves up.

How long does this type of session take?

A lifestyle session can take anywhere from one hour to an hour and a half. I only offer my largest package for these types of shoots because we just never really know how the end result may be. But I will point this out to you now, I have been with a family for a traditional session up to six hours. Yes, you heard me right. I don't give up until you give up. Call it being stubborn or call it patient. It's just the way I work. So when scheduling these sessions, make sure to keep your plans at a minimum. Make it an at home day if this is something you truly want to make sure to capture at the best ability we can.

Can we still include siblings in a traditional newborn session?

Absolutely! The siblings are always invited and so are you. You will just have to do less with them, and we would end up just adding you all to one small portion rather than the entire session. I have also had furry family members join in the fun too! Anything is possible.

Do you bring the props?

Oh, do I ever. I have baskets, newborn baby pillows, wraps, and blankets out the wazoo. I just recommend if there is theme or color scheme that you are in love with let me know. Share your inspiration with me. I always love seeing new ideas and trying something out of the box! I bring my own lights and flashes as well. Sound machine? My phone has all the best white noise and Disney baby lullabies you can think of.